Say goodbye to missed opportunities.

If you are taking too long to respond to customers with complex requirements, Quotis can help.

Every job is different.

Quotis is designed from the ground up to cater for businesses who sell products or services that change for the requirements of each customer. Using our flexible and powerful guided estimating system, complex logic can be turned into a series of simple questions to create a pinpoint accurate estimate.

Quotis allows you to sell with confidence.

If you recognise the problems below, Quotis can help:

Non-Standard Products Or Services

Every job has its own specification, so you need to calculate the time and materials for each enquiry.

In order to produce a quote, you need to gather information from the customer or visit their site.

A Time-Consuming Sales Process

Your current quoting process is manual and time-consuming, and you struggle to get quotes out on time.

You are often asked for multiple revisions or alternative options at the request of the customer.

A Reliance On Technical Staff

You need experienced technical staff to check the viability of each quote to ensure it all fits together.

Accurate estimating is difficult to achieve, and there have been mistakes in the past that affected your profit margin.

Typical industries.

Installation / Supply and Fit
  • Industrial heating & ventilation
  • Roofing & siding contractors
  • HVAC installation & service
  • Flooring & cabinetry installation
  • Fitted window manufacture
  • Landscaping & hardscaping
  • Pool & spa installation
  • Network & security system installation
  • Audio/visual installation
  • Security system installation & monitoring
  • Home automation & smart home systems
  • Electrical & plumbing contractors
  • Drainage & sewage installation
  • Fire alarm installation & service
  • Access control & CCTV systems
  • Security shutter door manufacture
  • Intruder detection & prevention
  • Solar panel installation & battery storage
  • Geothermal systems & heat pumps
  • Custom equipment & machinery
  • Furniture & cabinet manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication & welding
  • Signage & displays
  • Industrial automation solutions
  • Modular building manufacturing
  • Elevators & lifting solutions
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Wastewater treatment & biogas solutions
  • Cloud Computing & IT Infrastructure (customised solutions)
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (customised solutions)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software (customised implementations)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions (customised deployments)
  • Managed IT Services (customised plans)
  • Network Design & Integration (customised solutions)
  • Events Planning & Management
  • Engineering Consulting (specialised projects)
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Human Resources Consulting (customised solutions)
  • Information Technology Consulting (customised solutions

See the power of Quotis for yourself.