Estimating and quoting software for complex products.

Quotis speeds up the quoting process, no matter how complex the job. Let your team, or even your customers, generate an accurate quote for custom jobs in minutes.

Designed specifically for bespoke or custom products.

Getting an accurate price for custom designed products and services is a bottleneck that slows down the sales process and ties up resources.

Most existing quoting solutions require users to understand which items to add, and how a quote needs to be put together line-by-line. This ties up your most experienced technical staff and slows down the sales process.

Quotis works differently.

By answering simple questions, accurate quotes can be generated for complex or bespoke products and services, with no technical expertise required. This gives non-technical admin or sales staff the opportunity to respond quickly to queries with high quality sales quotes.


Estimate and quote for jobs 'on-site' with the customer.

Stop saying “we will get back to you” and start closing deals when the customer is most engaged.

You can generate an accurate estimate and send quote documents for approval, or even close deals on the spot with a customer signature.

Quotis includes everything you need to quickly and painlessly create an accurate estimate, produce quote documents, manage approvals, present options to the customer and track all activity.

If you’re looking for a software solution that reduces your quote turnaround time and increases conversions, look no further.

Making the complex simple with powerful estimating and seamless quoting.

Quotis is an all-in-one estimating and quoting solution that can be tailored to suit almost any industry, product, or service. Using predefined conditions, your sales team can produce quotes with the same level of accuracy and technical expertise as your engineers.


Powerful calculations and decision-based logic.

Say goodbye to unreliable spreadsheets and say hello to intelligent product configuration.


Guided estimating turns complex logic into simple questions.

Anyone can create an estimate by answering simple questions and selecting from filtered options.

generate quote document

Increase conversions with a sales focused quote portal.

Send quotes instantly, track activity, and allow customers to select their preferred options.


Keep track of performance with instant reporting.

See how well you and your team are performing and keep a close eye on trends.

See the power of Quotis for yourself.