About Quotis

A journey over two decades.

Quotis was born from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in the “make-to-order” and “install-to-order” sectors. 

Our story began in 2005 with the development of Hudman, a cloud-based ERP system specifically designed for manufacturers and installers. Hudman was a pioneer, one of the first cloud based systems of its kind, and renowned for its accurate reporting and intuitive interface. In 2017, Hudman was acquired by one of the world’s leading software companies.

However, our commitment to the “make-to-order” and “install-to-order” space continued. We consistently heard the need for a more efficient and accurate quoting solution tailored to the unique demands of these industries. This persistent feedback fueled the development of Quotis.

We understand that traditional quoting software can be cumbersome and limiting, especially for companies that specialise in bespoke projects. Quotis offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution, designed to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure accurate, efficient quoting for complex projects.

Let us demonstrate how our software can elevate your business by transforming quoting from a time-consuming hurdle to a sales engine.


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